Season To Taste (the Trilogy) by Julie Janson

Three erotic performance pieces for flesh, food and your fantasies, designed to be performed at a restaurant, with menus designed around the flavours of the performance. This comic physical theatre piece text explores the attraction and seduction of Asia, embedded in the highly sensual space of food preparation, anticipation and consumption.

ENTRÉE: Bruising the Mint
Valerie Berry & Andrew Roderedo

A kitchen late a night. The kitchen hands are alone. Tamarind honey, blood plums in sugar, frothing. Someone watches: chopping, slicing, sharpening knives for the kill.

MAIN: Meat
Gina Zoia & Paul Cordeiro

A woman dining alone. A waiter with honey-glazed flesh. A menu dripping with seduction. Yet, all she orders is meat. Muscles, sinews, breast, flank. Rare with blood. Too much sizzle. The meat made her do it!

DESSERT: Juicing the Melons
Valerie Berry, Gina Zoia, Andrew Roderedo and Paul Cordeiro

A revolutionary ballet of longans, lychees, a melon-baller and two fruity women.

Project details
Season to Taste 1996 Belvoir St Asian Art Festival
Writer: Julie Janson
Director: Sally Sussman
Performers: Valerie Berry, Tom Long

Season to Taste The Trilogy, 1998 Darling Mills restaurant
Writer: Julie Janson
Director: Sally Sussman
Performers: Valerie Berry, Paul Cordeiro, Andrew Roderedo, Gina Zoia
Lighting and Technical Production: Simon wise

ABC Radio National “Poetica”
Directed by Sally Sussman and produced by Mike Ladd